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Citizenship by Investment in Costa Rica

Citizenship by Investment in Costa Rica

Foreign citizens who want to move to Costa Rica can apply for various types of residence permits. Businesspersons who are accustomed to other countries offering residency or citizenship by investment also inquire about the existence of such a program here. At the moment, there is no Costa Rica citizenship by investment scheme, however, there are options for those seeking to relocate to this country by making a contribution to the economy and obtaining residency by investment in Costa Rica. If you are interested in immigration to Costa Rica, this is the fastest way to relocate here.

 Quick Facts  
Nationalities accepted  All 

 Business investment option (YES/NO)

Yes, minimum investment USD200,000

 Real estate investment option (YES/NO)

Yes, minimum amount necessary USD200,000 

 Other investment options (if available)

– retirement visa available,

–  investment in forrest plantation

 Living requirement in Costa Rica (YES/NO)


 Residence or direct citizenship option


 Direct immigration with family mmebers (YES/NO)


Family members allowed to join the program 

– spouse and children for investors,

– spouse for retirees

 Residence visa/citizenship processing time (approx.)

Approx. 3 months

Additional financial requirements for family members (YES/NO)  No
Timeframe for obtaining citizenship/residency by investment 

– permanent residence after 3 years,

– citizenship after 7 years

 Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO)


 Reasons to choose Costa Rica

– quick processing time,

– possibility of relocation with family,

– right to acquire properties

 Personal income tax rate


 Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries) Approx. 130

Also known as Costa Rica residency by investment, the program developed by the government encourages several categories of foreign investors to come and settle here provided that make an upfront investment or they have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay. We are also at your service if you are interested in company formation in Costa Rica.

Below, our company formation agents in Costa Rica explain the main requirements for immigration based on investment (residency by investment in Costa Rica). You can rely on us for support in applying for a golden visa.

Costa Rica investor visa options

Persons who want to apply for golden visas in Costa Rica in 2024 are divided into three categories. These are:

  • the rentista or person of independent means category;
  • the retired persons’ category;
  • the investor category.

Each type of Costa Rica golden visa has its own requirements (which are similar to some extent) and come with various benefits.

With respect to obtaining Costa Rica residency by investment in 2024, each category of the applicants can apply for a passport as long as he or she meets the permanent residency requirements.

Under the investor visa, a foreign citizen can also open a company in Costa Rica and our local advisors can help in this regard.

Foreigners who want to immigrate with the purpose of obtaining residency by investment in Costa Rica must take the same steps they would when moving to any other country, including learning about the different types of visas and residence permits required to enter and live here. For any legal issues related to obtaining a Costa Rican passport, our immigration lawyers can help you. We can also help you relocate for a temporary stay here, if this option suits you better.

Costa Rica has created a new remote work visa and is currently accepting visa requests. You are not required to leave the country every 90 days if you have this visa. If the holder stays in Costa Rica for at least 180 days in the first year, you can renew it for a second year. If you want to immigrate to Costa Rica permanently, other routes are available.

Immigration to Costa Rica is simple with the help of our agents, as you can read in the infographic below:

Requirements for Costa Rica residency by investment as a renter or retired person in 2024

The first two categories of investors must meet specific requirements in order to qualify for residency by investment in Costa Rica. Foreign citizens who meet the following requirements can qualify for the golden visa:

  • they have a minimum income of 2,500 USD;
  • this amount must be secured for a period of 2 years;
  • they must also deposit 60,000 USD in a local bank account.

The amount deposited will also guarantee to enter the country with the spouse and children under 25 years old and will enable the visa holders to live here for 2 years. Moreover, the visa can be renewed as long as the initial requirements are still met.

The main advantage of this type of residence permit is that its holder can set up a business or work as a self-employed person which is what qualifies it as Costa Rica Golden Visa for 2024.

Residency in Costa Rica is also available outside this program. If you are interested in applying for a residence permit in Costa Rica, you have various options. Employment, business, and investment are the most sought. However, each of them has its own requirements, in which case we recommend using our tailored immigration services. Get in touch with us for a personalized experience.

On the other hand, the visa for retired people is subject to fewer requirements. The person applying for it must submit proof of having a minimum income of 1,000 USD per month under the form of a pension. The applicant can also include the spouse and children aged up to 25 in the dossier, however, additional financial requirements may apply.

Applicants for this visa can also run their own businesses in Costa Rica or operate as sole traders.

Both categories of applicants can apply for permanent residency after living here for at least 3 years.

Our immigration lawyers in Costa Rica can offer more information on these two types of Costa Rica residency by investment options.

If you want to open a company in Costa Rica, you can rely on us, our specialists can offer assistance also if you want to obtain residency by investment in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica investor visa category

Foreign investors interested in obtaining citizenship by investment in Costa Rica can enter the country under the inversionista (investor) visa which implies meeting the following requirements:

  • they must invest at least 200,000 USD in a company, real estate, or other types of assets or;
  • they must invest at least 100,000 USD in forest plantations.

The same family immigration benefits apply under this type of visa as for other categories of applicants.

Our Costa Rica company formation representatives can offer more information on how to file for such a visa.

How to obtain a Costa Rica investment visa by investing in a business in 2024

Without a doubt, those who are most interested in obtaining a Costa Rica passport by investment are businesspersons willing to raise capital, expand their enterprises, or start new ventures.

Costa Rica offers several options for those who want to buy Costa Rican citizenship against a relatively low investment compared to European jurisdictions, for example.

Here are the main options one has when it comes to citizenship by investment through business creation in Costa Rica:

  • setting up a new business;
  • investing in an existing company;
  • investing in a forest plantation business.

The amounts of money to inject are nearly the same, which is why any idea you would want to pursue has great chances of realization. Our company formation agents in Costa Rica can help you draft the paperwork if you decide on this option.

How to obtain a Costa Rica passport by investment by starting a new enterprise

In order to qualify for a Costa Rica investment visa, you need to invest at least USD 150,000 in a new venture. From tourism, services, and other sectors, as long as you present a viable business plan, you can obtain a golden passport within 7 years. However, in order to create such a company, you need to comply with all the requirements imposed by the Costa Rican authorities. For this purpose, you can rely on our local agents who can guide you for obtaining residency by investment in Costa Rica.

How to buy Costa Rica citizenship by acquiring an existing business

If you consider that buying an established business is easier, all you need is USD 150,000 and you can become a company in Costa Rica with many benefits. One of the most important is gaining access to a Costa Rican golden passport in 2024.

You can partially or wholly buy the company you decide on, as long as the minimum USD 150,000 is invested. It is worth noting that in the case of a partial acquisition, you can buy stock or shares in the respective enterprise with the minimum value established.

Our residency lawyers in Costa Rica can guide you on the acquisition of a company with the purpose of obtaining citizenship by investment.

Forest plantation – the lowest investment option for a Costa Rican investor visa

One of the most appealing ways to obtain a Costa Rica passport by investment is by investing a forest plantation, a lumbering, or preservation/regeneration project. The minimum amount to be invested is USD 100,000. However, this option also implies obtaining various permits from local municipalities and the environmental authority.

Dealing with these authorizations can be rather time-consuming, which is why you can rely on the support of our Costa Rican company formation specialists who can also help you obtain residency by investment in Costa Rica.

Buy real estate or other types of vehicles

While most countries that offer citizenship by investment allow for the purchase of houses, apartments, or another type of real estate that meets the program requirements, Costa Rica also enables you to acquire other valuable assets.

You can buy Costa Rican citizenship if you acquire a motorcycle, a car, or a boat, as long as you invest USD 150,000 in it. However, you can also invest in multiple assets of a lower value until you reach the one that meets the scheme’s financial demand.

Even if you have other options, such as applying for ordinary residency, obtaining a Costa Rica passport by investment has more advantages and will also enable you to relocate with your family.

If you have any questions on the program and the procedure of moving here, you can send all your questions to our agents. We can also handle the application process with the Costa Rican authorities.

If you want to apply for residency in Costa Rica, immigration lawyers in Costa Rica can assist you. We also invite you to watch our video below:

How soon can one obtain Costa Rica citizenship by investment?

In order to obtain citizenship by investment in Costa Rica, a foreign citizen must go through the following stages:

  1. obtain a temporary residence permit for 2 years (all visas offer this option);
  2. renew the temporary residence permit for another year in order to qualify for permanent residency;
  3. live in the country for at least 7 years in order to qualify for Costa Rican citizenship.

It should also be noted that Costa Rican dual citizenship is permitted for those who come here based on investment.
According to Worldometers.info, the Costa Rican population is made of more than 5 million inhabitants and 80% of them live in urban areas.
Many individuals are drawn to Costa Rica because of its long history of democracy, steady political environment, stunning natural surroundings, warm people, and convenient access to U.S. airports. Its ”pura vida” attitude slows down life and offers you more time to appreciate the little things. quality of life. Due to its strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, Costa Rica is also ranked as the world’s happiest nation by the Happy Planet Index. With a score of 62.1, the Index places Costa Rica first out of 152 countries. The country’s wellbeing is rated 7 out of 10 and its life expectancy is just over 80.

There are various advantages linked to having a Costa Rican passport if those with permanent residency in the country intend to apply for citizenship in the future. Almost 163 countries throughout the world do not require a visa for entry with a Costa Rican passport. The country is also one of the most popular visa-free travel destinations in the world. According to a Global Passport Ranking, the Costa Rican passport is ranked 61st overall. There are no restrictions related to the nationalities of those entering the program. Costa Rica recognizes dual nationality. It is not necessary to give up your prior nationality in order to become a citizen of Costa Rica.

If you are interested in residency by investment in Costa Rica, do not hesitate to contact usOur company registration agents can also help you start a business in Costa Rica under very advantageous conditions.