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Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Costa Rica

Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Costa Rica

Employee relocation to Costa Rica is subject to the same visa requirements as when hiring foreign workers by local companies. The most important aspect to consider in this sense is that work visas fall under the special immigration conditions, which is why you need to pay attention to the entire procedure.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Costa Rica explain the main types of visas associated with intra-company transfers. You can rely on us for support related to personnel relocation to Costa Rica.

Visas available for employee relocation to Costa Rica

The special category of immigration covers the following types of work permits, also available for intra-company transfers to Costa Rica:

  1. work authorization for professionals and technical visitors to Costa Rica;
  2. work permit for expatriate employees;
  3. Work authorization for employees providing maintenance and post-sale management services;
  4. work visa for Costa Rica for professionals;
  5. work permit in Costa Rica for professionals working as domestic employees;
  6. Work authorization in Costa Rica for a certain position within a corporation;
  7. Work permit in Costa Rica for independent contractors in the fields of agriculture, construction, and services;
  8. Work authorization in Costa Rica for independent contractors working for a reputable employer
  9. temporary work visas in Costa Rica;
  10. cross-border work visas.

As it can be seen, there are multiple ways to apply for personnel relocation to Costa Rica. Support in making a good choice can be provided by our immigration lawyers.  If you want to move to Costa Rica but need help, our immigration lawyers can provide you with all the information you need on how to do so. You must first satisfy the requirements for residency in order to receive our assistance. Later on, if you qualify for citizenship in Costa Rica, you can address for this service.

Our team is also made of company formation specialists in Costa Rica, so we can also handle business incorporation matters.

Personnel relocation to Costa Rica and the application for work visas

The procedure for employee relocation to Costa Rica must be commenced by the hiring company. It must prove that a Costa Rican could not have filled the position to be filled by a foreign worker.

Before coming to Costa Rica, the foreign worker must obtain a provision entry visa, if he or she comes from a country that implies this step.

It is useful to note that the Costa Rican work visa application process is time-consuming, which is why, dealing with the procedure on your own may require a lot of resources. You can rely on our local specialists for guidance in support if you want to immigrate to Costa Rica as a transferred worker.

We are also at your service, should you decide to file an application for residency in Costa Rica. Our local lawyers can advise on the types of residence permits available to foreign nationals. We can provide guidance on the entire process and we can also help you draft and file the papers for you to obtain your visa as soon as possible.

Obtaining the work permit as a transferee

The personnel relocation process is completed by submitting an application for a work visa to the Costa Rican immigration office.

When evaluating the application, the Immigration Department takes into account the rules established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

As a foreign citizen in Costa Rica, you must register your fingerprints with the Ministry of Public Security prior to submitting the application at the Immigration Department.

The average processing time for a work permit in Costa Rica is 3 to 8 months, however, it may take longer.

Do not hesitate to ask for our services if you need assistance in intra-company transfers to Costa Rica.

If you plan to move to Costa Rica, we can help you. Our specialists can provide assistance in applying for temporary or permanent residence permits, as well as for citizenship, when the time comes. Contact us for detailed information on our services and for guidance in applying for the type of visa you are interested in.

How many foreign citizens live in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most appealing immigration destinations in Central America, and according to recent information, the number of foreigners moving here has started growing in recent years, as follows:

  • in 2021, the number of immigrants entering the country grew by 12%;
  • out of the total number of foreigners living in Costa Rica 397,058 were permanent residents;
  • 70,961 of them are temporary residence visa holders;
  • 89,332 of the immigrant population fall under special categories, including refugees.

If you are interested in employee relocation to Costa Rica, contact our local agents for assistance.