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Immigrate to Costa Rica from Ukraine

Immigrate to Costa Rica from Ukraine

Many countries around the world have simplified their entry requirements for Ukrainian citizens. However, Costa Rica allows them to enter and stay here without a visa for 90 days within a maximum of 180 days per year. This is why, if you decide to immigrate to Costa Rica from Ukraine, this may be a good option in uncertain times.

In this article, you will find the types of long-term visas you can obtain if you want to remain here for several years or even more. Our immigration specialists are at your disposal if you decide to apply for any of the permits to be presented. We also offer company formation services in Costa Rica.

Types of permits for long-term stay in Costa Rica

If you have chosen to move to Costa Rica from Ukraine on a long term, you could be interested in one of the following types of residence permits:

  • for students, which will enable you to stay here for the duration of your studies;
  • for work, however, this requires approvals on several levels, which is why the work permit is not often an option for foreign citizens;
  • the digital nomad visa is also an option for those intending to stay here for one year;
  • provisional visas are also issued for certain categories of professionals, such as teachers;
  • the temporary residence permit which is the most applied for the type of residence document;
  • permanent residency can be acquired after living here sufficiently or by investment.

No matter if you are a business person or have another occupation if you decide to immigrate to Costa Rica from Ukraine under one of the options above, feel free to get in touch with our consultants. We are also at your service if you want to open a company in Costa Rica.

How long does it take to relocate to Costa Rica from Ukraine?

If you want to move to Costa Rica from Ukraine, there are several steps you need to complete. Among these, preparing the necessary documents for obtaining the desired type of residence permit and applying for it. You should also consider contacting the nearest Costa Rican embassy or consulate. However, if you decide on residency by investment, you can file the application online. Even so, the processing time may take up to 9 months.

No matter the way you decide to employ in order to immigrate to Costa Rica from Ukraine, our residency lawyers can help you draft the paperwork and move here in due time.

Citizenship in Costa Rica can be obtained in several ways, but each one requires first securing permanent residency. Among these, ordinary and investment immigration are two of the most selected pathways. If you decide on any of them, contact us. Our lawyers in Costa Rica can help you apply for a passport either way.

Obtaining permanent residence in Costa Rica as a Ukrainian

If you want to relocate to Costa Rica from Ukraine on a permanent basis, you can choose between one of the following:

  • the rentista visa that requires you to submit proof of having a minimum income of USD 2,500 per month;
  • for this purpose, you need to deposit USD 60,000 in a bank account (this amount of money must suffice for 2 years);
  • the retirement visa, for which you must submit proof of a monthly minimum income of USD 1,000;
  • real estate acquisition with a minimum value of USD 100,000 is an option for those seeking to obtain Costa Rican citizenship.

No matter your choice, feel free to address your questions to our immigration specialists in Costa Rica. It is also worth noting that both options enable you to move here with your family.

Residency in Costa Rica can also be obtained through investment. The main way through which it can be secured is real estate rental, which is also one of the most beneficial for those seeking to live here. However, there are specific conditions to comply with, case in which our local lawyers who specialize in immigration matters can help.

 Data on Costa Rica’s population

According to information on this site, at the level of 2022, Costa Rica’s population accounted for 5.177 million inhabitants. Moreover, the country has a population growth rate is 1.48%, which is expected to continue until 2050.

If you want to immigrate to Costa Rica from Ukraine, contact our advisors for tailored services. We are at your disposal with support in various matters, among which applying for the most sought type of residence permit: the permanent one.

If you want to move to Costa Rica, you need to choose the best pathway for you. Investment is often the choice of many businesspersons, nevertheless there are also other means to achieve that. Based on your choice, our specialists can provide customized support. Contact us for guidance on choosing a suitable option.