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General Guide to Company Incorporation in Costa Rica

General Guide to Company Incorporation in Costa Rica

Company formation in Costa Rica is simple and can be supervised by our local agents. We specialize in offering several services, among which assistance in immigration to Costa Rica through which you can obtain residency and citizenship.

Below, our agents explain how to open a company in Costa Rica. Moreover, we offer tailored guidance in applying for citizenship by investment in Costa Rica by setting up a business in this country.

What is the minimum share capital of a limited liability company in Costa Rica?

The Commercial Code stipulates that no minimum share capital must be deposited at the registration of a limited liability company in Costa Rica.

We can help with company formation in Costa Rica if you want to create an LLC. This business entity can also be used if you want to apply for residency in Costa Rica.

What is the minimum share capital of a public company in Costa Rica?

A public limited liability company is based on a share capital of 50 millions CRC. If you are interested in residency in Costa Rica, company formation can be a good option.

Are there any specific requirements for establishing a limited liability company in Costa Rica?

A limited liability company in Costa Rica is formed by shareholders with the liability limited by their contribution to the capital. As a particularity, the capital is divided into shares and these shares cannot be offered for transfer to a third party unless the unanimity of shareholders decides so.

We are at your service with customized company formation services in Costa Rica.

How can I register for VAT in Costa Rica?

Every legal entity must register for paying the 13 % VAT in Costa Rica. The procedure is very simple; the representative must complete an application and deposit it at the local tax authority. The whole process doesn’t take longer than a few days.

You can rely on us if you are interested in residency in Costa Rica.

How can I open a bank account in Costa Rica?

The main documents necessary to open a bank account in Costa Rica are the certified copy of the passport or ID of the company’s representative, the name of the company, a proof that it’s active, a letter from the manager of the company along with the ID of the persons authorized to sign on the account, and an initial deposit.

We are also at the service of those interested in citizenship by investment in Costa Rica.

How can I recruit personnel in Costa Rica?

The educational system of Costa Rica is situated on the 23rd place in the world, the highest from Latin America. That’s one of the reasons the foreign companies choose Costa Rica as a business destination.

The companies have the possibility to collaborate with one of the many recruitment agencies from Costa Rica in order to find the appropriate candidate for the offered jobs.

If you want to start a business in Costa Rica, get in touch with us.

What is the overall economical situation in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is situated in America, bordering the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and being neighbors with Panama and Nicaragua. This is one of the main reasons people are attracted by immigration to Costa Rica.

Known as an agricultural country, with an economy mostly based on the exports of bananas, cocoa and sugar, Costa Rica has introduced new incentives in order to attract foreign investments. As a result, the service sector and the tourism sector have grown lately. Costa Rica also provides certain free zones where foreign companies are exempt from many taxes for large periods of time.

Currently, Costa Rica became member of the World Trade Organization this giving it a more credible economic image in the world.

Contact us if you want to open a business in Costa Rica.