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Lawyers in Costa Rica

Lawyers in Costa Rica

Our immigration lawyers in Costa Rica are at your disposal with numerous services, ranging from business registration for foreigners to immigration matters. We also have a team of company formation specialists who will help you start and manage your enterprise here.

Services offered by our lawyers in Costa Rica

When discussing legal services, foreign citizens can rely on the support of our English-speaking lawyers in Costa Rica. Among them, we enumerate the following below:

  1. assistance with immigration, which is one of the most sought services provided by our lawyers here. Our immigration lawyers in Costa Rica can also help with any legal concern regarding relocation to Costa Rica. From how to apply for a residence permit and up to securing Costa Rican citizenship, our specialists are at your service. Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information on how to move to this magnificent country.
  2. support in company registration in Costa Rica also enters the attention of our specialists;
  3. guidance in renting or buying a property here through the citizenship by investment scheme or outside it;
  4. legal assistance in various Civil Law cases is also provided by our lawyers in Costa Rica;
  5. assistance in debt collection, company liquidation, and dispute resolution solutions can also be provided by our lawyers in Costa Rica;
  6. guidance in setting up bank accounts of various types;
  7. support in registering for taxation and guidance in filing tax returns;
  8. legal advice in intellectual property matters is also among the services provided by our English-speaking lawyers in Costa Rica.

Assistance in immigration to Costa Rica

As most of these services are offered once you decide to relocate here, you can start by getting in touch with our immigration lawyers in Costa Rica for guidance in finding a suitable type of residence permit you can apply for.

There are several ways through which apply you can apply for a residence permit in Costa Rica. Each situation implies specific steps, however, the procedure is completed the same way in most cases. Using our specialized immigration services can lead to a positive experience and quicker relocation, so do not hesitate to contact us.

If you decide to move to Costa Rica, you have several options in terms of residence permits. Here is how our immigration lawyers in Costa Rica can help:

  • offering information on all your options and immigration requirements will help determine the most suitable type of residence permit;
  • drafting and filing the immigration papers is also on the list of services we can offer;
  • renting or acquiring a property before coming here can also be handled by our specialists based on a power of attorney.

Our immigration lawyers in Costa Rica can help you enter the residency by investment program which is suitable for all categories of people from retirees to entrepreneurs.

We can also offer assistance in applying for work permits, however, the requirements are very stringent which is why this option is seldom employed by foreign citizens.

Should you decide to become a digital nomad in Costa Rica, you can rely on our support.

We can assist you if you intend to immigrate to Costa Rica. Our experts can help with the application process for citizenship as well as temporary or permanent residency permits in accordance with the reason you moved here for. Get in touch with us for more information about our services and for help with the visa application process.

If you are already established here and you want to renew your residency papers or you meet the criteria to apply for citizenship, our English-speaking lawyers in Costa Rica can help you.

If you need specialized legal support in litigation, our lawyers in Costa Rica can offer the necessary support.

Here is also an infographic on this subject:

What to consider when moving to Costa Rica

Some of the important aspects related to immigration to Costa Rica are the living costs. From this point of view, here is what you can expect:

  • Renting an apartment can cost you from nearly 500 USD to more than 800 USD per month.
  • If you want to buy an apartment, the price per square meter begins at 748 USD.
  • Basic utilities costs per month are approximately 63 USD for an 85 sqm apartment.

Our team is made up of lawyers who can help with relocation matters. Among these, we can offer support in applying for various types of visas, residence permits and citizenship. We are also at your disposal with other services, depending on your needs. We remind you that we can also help you open a company in Costa Rica.

If you decide to relocate, start a business, or for any other legal matters, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers in Costa Rica.